Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google Plus goes public

After 90 days of testing, Google's new social network reveals itself  to everyone, since from today morning no recommendation from an already existing member is required. Registration can be achieved by visiting Googles website

Google has presented Google + on the Google blog also indicating about one hundrend improvements made on it, emphasising on Google Hangouts and the ability to video chat with one or multiple members of the Network (this function is also available on iOS and Android).
Also there is a lot of attention on the search function of Google+, which when used by a person, results may come up not only from the Google+ area but from anywhere on the web as well.

In the Google Blog there are also mentioned future upgrades on Google plus, most of them concerning the mobile version of Google+ where especially Android users will have access to a fully equiped Android App that will keep them in touch with Plus all the time.

Last but not least, Google Huddle, a service that is meant to allow users to exchange text messages via 3G is renamed to Google Messenger.

Overall we expect to see from Google+ a network that guarantees privacy control as well as better connectivity, fusing major elements from other already existing networks into one. So, let us see....

For more info on Google Plus check out this

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