Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GooglePlus : RIP Existing Social Networks??

Google's answer to the widespread use of Facebook and other Social Networks has arrived. It's name:
Google+ (Google Plus)

Google has just announced the new project called Google plus. From the outside it looks like a social network but the truth is that it differs in a lot of ways from the things that we have seen so far from networks like Facebook or Twiiter.

From the videos that Google has uploaded regarding this new project, we can see that the way that it is different is that it contains the whole idea and features of social networking in a Black line- a task manager for Google plus, just above the main Google screen. Here are some main features for Google plus:

Google Circle: Google Circle is the main tool for communication and interaction on Google+ since it is the main feature where you can see what your friends ( or 'communication circle') are posting. Here is also where you can edit your profile and post updates, photos, news etc. It kind of looks like Facebook but in a more different and new approach and more user-friendly as you can see here:

Google Hangouts: Google on this new project implements the feature of videocall as well. Using Hangouts a user will be able to participate in a video call with up to ten people simultaneously. Also there are actions available such us Youtube Group watch.

Google Sparks: Google Sparks is a network where the user will be able to indicate articles, websites, blogs and every other source of information on the Internet that is in any way useful to him or an other member. How it works: Utilizing Google +1 implemented some time ago by Google, the system will be able to determine which articles are of Interest for the user and which ones are not. To be more accurate, the procedure is this: when the user finds something interesting for him on the Web, he will be able to badge it with +1 and then this will work as a tool for discovering further sites similar to the one that the user marked and always according to the users interests. The whole thing looks a lot like StumbleUpon on the idea of working and to be clearer regarding its use, here is a video from Google explaining in detail.

These are the key functions on which this new network will run. Of course there are other features as well like 'Huddle' and 'Instant upload' that will work as support for these features.
On the whole, Google plus looks like mixing the main elements from variosu social networks in a single platform, in a simple, modern and very user-friendly way.

At the moment Google Plus works on a testing mode provides limited access to its users. So, hang out for further updates in the near future..

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