Monday, June 27, 2011

iPhone 5 release date on late September

Apple plans on releasing the new iPhone on September 2011. Such information has leaked from the company as well as some of the key features that will be implemented in the new iPhone. Some of these features are tha following:

iPhone 5 is going to be designed as a 4g gadget and it will be equiped with a highly advanced camera, a face recogniton program for security as well as upgraded network support for video chat and extremely speedy downloads. It's platform will be based on a dual core A5 processor making multitasking a lot easier and in addition to the above there are rumors of iPhone 5 being compatible with Adobe Flash Player (although I highly doubt that, I hope Apple will prove me wrong here..)

In general the new iPhone is planned to be more versatile for the user, bypassing multitasking and camera (Cameras have always been the weakest point of Apple in my opinion) problems and by providing all the above in a thinner and lighter manufacture. Which of the above is facts and which are fiction are hard to tell, so we have to wait for late September for a better review on iPhone. Until then.....

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