Sunday, February 17, 2013

Learn to type faster and with fewer errors using

Have you ever wished that you had a way to practice typing for work or just for fun? is a web software designed to provide readable text for you to imput. 
The idead is quite straight-forward: Type what you see
There are words, phrases and even quotes emering in the platform for you to type. There is a mode for learning how to type faster and there is also a kind of 'challenge mode' where you can see how fast you can type and keep highscores. Finally, to up the entertainment level of your typing lessons, you can import content from a web site or blog into to type it out.
How long would it take for you to develop a good typing speed? It would probably take you weeks to polish your skills up to a top level, but really decent speed can be achieved in a matter of hours with daily training. does not force you to type random characters over and over again; that is simply boring and contributes very little to your learning. Instead, generates readable random words using the phonetic rules of your native language. These words look almost natural, and often they really are. Typing sensible text is much easier than random letters, and it helps you to remember frequent key combinations. For example, it’s almost impossible for the letter ‘W’ to follow the ‘Z’ in English, and you will never type this combination in Instead, you will type more common words, such as “the,” “that,” “with,” and so on. lets you introduce as few keys as possible to the lesson, adding more keys later when you feel that you are competent and fast enough on the current level. So, if you start with the keys from the Caps Lock row, then add keys form the Tab row, and then from the Shift row, you will eventually end up typing real text with capital letters and punctuation. is a web–based software that runs directly in your browser. You don’t have to download or install anything! The most recent and up–to–date version is always with you. You can use it from any computer connected to the Internet, and your typing statistics are kept on the web site and available on–demand.

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