Thursday, February 14, 2013

iWatch: The new Apple trend

Rumors for a smart watch from Apple are constantly rising.

Latest leaks indicate that Apple is now focusing on creating a hand watch that will be able to execute all applications that an iPad or iPhone would. According to Bloomberg, Apple has already assigned a group of 100 people, including managers, marketeersm engineers and other stuff, to develop this watch according to the everyday needs.

Although someone might just claim that these rumors are not based on reality, truth is that Apple faces quite a problem regarding the value of its company that has dropped quite a lot according to the stock value. As a result, it is only logical for Apple to look for new ways of reaching top sales and elevating the value of its stock on the last September's peak.

With this creation, Apple will make the first 'serious' attempt on smart wearable mobile devices worldwide. Using this watch as the first step, the opportunity of experimentation is born. And if the experiment is successfull, there are countless other products that are characterized as wearable and can be turned into smart mobile electronic devices.

In any way, you can see some suggestions or ideas from individuals across the globe of what the iWatch could look like:

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