Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nokia Experimenting on Graphene


Nokia has announced the claim of a Euros (1,35 Billion Dolars) grant from the European Union in order to study in cooperation with Graphene Flagship Consortium the the application of Graphene, one of the toughest substances on this planet, into electronic devices.

...And by saying 'one of the toughest substances on the planet', graphene as a material is about 300 times more resilient than steel! Also, at high temperatures the material has indicated signs of self-repair (yes, self-repair!). It also is one of the thinnest electricity conductors, a fact that encourages the use of graphene in electronics.

Nokia researcher Jani Kivioja in his statement implied that the use of graphene is studied for already existing devices which would gain a certain level of extra resilience with the use of graphene. Also, this study is a great opportunity for the creation of new jobs in European Union, since unemployment has reached a critical point in some countries.

To end up, graphene is the material of the future for electronics and there is no better company to study the extended resilience of electronics with its use than Nokia (let's not forget the reputation of Nokia Phones..!)

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