Friday, September 9, 2011

The perfect gift for the lazy ones..

Have you ever been too tired or too lazy to go shopping for a gift for your girlfriend? The solution for you is called 'Gift Side Story' (

All you have to do is state your girlfriends hobbies, interests and likes and this website offers you a variety of solutions that would make excelent gifts for her.

Gift Side Story administrators claim to really know what women want. And as a result they can offer great solutions for every guy troubled of what to offer as a present. All you have to do is get the website's administrators to know your girlfriend's character a bit better. How that happens? 

Clients are subjected to questions concerning the girl's hobbies, interests, age and personal style (they even ask you to tag her in a photo). Afterwards, the clients fill in a form with important dates in their relationship with that girl. After the submission of these forms the administrators send you via e-mail three choices for you to shop. For each you can pay through a credit card and have it delivered home (or at the girlfriends house directly, for the really lazy ones).

The website's services are limited at the moment and you have to be invited from another member in order to use the site (single passwords are provided by the website rwgularly as well).

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  1. so nice blog for lazy people who don't want to go for shopping.the ideas are very good filling the form and telling the relationship and the date with the person.the way service is given really amazing.


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