Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prototype iPhone 5 lost by Apple employees twice

...Lost where? In a bar!

No, it is not an anecdote or a joke. In a time period of a single year the prototype iPhone 5 (which is about to be released in a few days) has been lost by Apple employees. How it happened? Well...

April 2010, an Apple employee (...for some reason his name is not public) walks into a bar carrying the new iPhone 5. After some drinks the employee walks out of the bar without the iPhone... When Apple realises that the prototype device has been lost, goes on pursuit of it and ends up re-taking back the device after finding out that whoever found it in the bar, that was originally lost, sold it shortly.

It happened last year, it also happened this year according to 'The Guardian' newspaper on todays post. The same thing happened (more or less) when iPhone was under test outdoors and away from the company's facilities. According to police investigation, the iPhone5 was (again) found by somebody and sold over through the Internet for 200 dolars. But when the police visited the house of the person supposed to have it, the family that resided there claimed to have no idea of where the iPhone would be. Even after police search (that was conducted with the permission of the family that resides the house) nothing was found. 

...Looks like there is an iPhone5 out there, a bit earlier than its release.....

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