Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook 'Timeline'

A new improvement has been revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook at the f8 conference in San Francisco. 

What is the improvement? The personal profile itself. Facebook profile has been looking like the last day of your life. Visual Facts only refered to your actions one or two days before or even a week. But now Facebook profile looks like more of a blog, showing a catalogue of your Facebook activity so far (starting at 2008!). This profile will list all of your apps, all of your stories, all your links... it will be a complete list of your Facebook activity.

Nostalgia on Facebook or an act of self defence? We all know that Google Plus has been released publicly and it is rumored to de-throne Facebook from the king of social networks. The last few days we constantly see changes in the profile, user interface and even if we go back in time a little bit we see new functions on Facebook (like the videochat). It surely looks like the battle between Facebook and Google+ will be a tremendous one.

Facebook timeline will be available soon. For more information see this:

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