Friday, September 9, 2011

Nokia Symbian Operating system abandoned and handed over

So that’s it then. One of the most feature rich operating systems in the world has been left in the dust by its maker just because they couldn’t come up with a competitive UI. 

As of now, the responsibility for developing and supporting Symbian is thoroughly being handed over to Accenture, along with 2,800 employees that work on the OS.

These news just come to present the power that software development that these days, forcing Nokia to part with its multi-billion Euro baby.  This deal is expected to be implemented in early October. Although Nokia is bound by its promise to make symbian devices till 2016, the development of the OS is solely in the hands of Accenture now. 

If that concerns you, don’t worry since the company promised to take care of its outdated OS till 2016 (well, I do not really know in what way this is more comforting since Nokia really abandons Symbian, but anyway..).

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