Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8: A synopsis so far....

At the moment, Microsoft is organising a special conference (with the code name 'BUILD') for software developers. This convention is expected to reveal more information regarding the upcoming Windows 8. But what exactly do we know so far about Windows 8?


What will the user interface for Windows 8 be, touch-style or classic mouse-arrow interface? Or perhaps something else? And, even if it is a touch-style interface, how will it work on desktops (or vice versa on teblets)? 
We know from the begining of Windows 8 design that Windows 8 is planned to be a platform uses in every deveice known so that there will be no incompatibilities. So, Windows 8 will run as touch-style, mouse-arrow style or any other style known so far. It will be a platform used for every gadget and it will contain all available uses.


What new features will be implemented in Windows 8? Will Windows 8 be faster? More Steble? And how about the equipment implemented?
These are the facts we know so far:

Booting the System: Microsoft has combined the Cold Boot function with the Hibernate-Boot function. So, in later versions Cold boot took longer to boot and hibernate took shorter but now these functions are fused into one for maximum comfort. As a result, faster boot time is available.

Improvements in the basic functions of Windows
Check out the new copy-file function of Windows 8. It provides the user seperate completion bars in case of multiple file coping. In addition, in case of duplicate file errors, the new Windows will provide thumbnails of the files so as to make the choice easier on what file to keep and which one to discard.

USB 3.0 Support: The upgrade of the most popular way of transfering files among computers is available on Microsoft Windows 8. By calculations on the release plans of Windows 8 and USB 3.0, the former will already be released when the latter begins arriving. So, Windows 8 will make use of this technology to offer up to 10 times faster data transfer (compared to USB 2.0) as well as better power management.

These are the most certain facts that Microsoft has invested on to make a difference. But that is not all for sure... Microsoft has undoubtly more aces hidden regarding the new platform and all users around the world are already anxious to getting a taste of the new Windows. Further information only is expected to be provided through the BUILD conference. 

Until more news come up here is a taste of the BUILD conference:

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