Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Review - Better than Best?

About a year and half ago Apple announced the release of a new revolutionary gadget, iPad. A tablet that would offer ultra mobility and Computing force at the same time. And by general accordance Apple guys were successful at achieving their goals. iPad made it to the top without much struggle, becoming the no1 tablet as well as introducing the idea of a tablet to people.

Now Apple strikes again with the release of iPad 2. the title of this article actually describes the facts that represent iPad 2, it is even better than the 'best'- its previous version. Well, that would sound logical now but 2 years ago, especially before the release of iPad it would sound rather hard to believe. Believe what? That a tablet of 0,34 inches thick at its thickest point would be equiped with 2 dual core proccessor of 1GHz.

Well, though hard to believe, is is a fact. 1GHz dual core proccessor with 512MB of Ram memory (double than the previous version of iPad) it can offer great speed and stability (like every other Apple system) combined with ultra mobility of 680 gramms of total weight in a 9,7 x 7,3 inches manufacture. iPad is also equiped with a 1024x768 screen like the older version.
These numbers realy do represent iPad 2 because after tests including multitasking, switching between applications and 'heavy' applications (for example image proccessing applications), iPad has responded almost perfectly by showing no sign of instability. Well, surely, it is not a Desktop replacement but for its size, it does quite good.

On the downsides of iPad 2 now.

Cameras. iPad 2 has been equiped with 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the back of the gadget, for obvious reasons. But these cameras are quite bad in effectiveness for the standards of iPad 2. Well, surely, its a plus that iPad 2 has a camera installed (unlike the older version) but this camera is not as competitive as the rest of the package. On the front a VGA and on the back an iPhone 5-like- camera are not meant to give advantage to Apple in the field of photo shooting. In my opinion, if an update on iPad follows (iPad 3 for example) this should be the first point for Apple to reconsider.
Another minus of iPad is the software. OK, hardware speaking, iPad offers cutting edge technology in proccessors and RAM memory but when it comes to software, Apple faces the same problems as it has always been facing. Of course, breakthroughs have been made for example by implementing the new Internet browser which scores quite fairly in speed and stability. Of course even though the browser is upgraded, Applestill won't allow Flash to be installed on its browsers, making it impossible for many websites' elements not to be viewable. In addition, newly implemented programms carry quite a few bugs that cause even crushes in some cases.

Overall, iPad 2 has a lot to offer. It is the greatest choice for a tablet and in many ways better than the older version. On the other side Apple has to really deal with its problems and not just cover them up in order to create a tablet that will be safe from competition. If they do so, iPad surely has the potential of becoming the bast gadget around!

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