Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I dont think that a blog that reviews technology and stuff would have a better way to begin than the obvious:

Facebook (

Ok you all know a big deal about facebook. So I am not going to deepen into the basics of facebook and how-it-works stuff.

But is it efficient as what it introduces itself -a Social Media Network-?

We must admit that it was Facebook that really introduced the idea of Social Networking to community. Facebook is a great way to keep friends close, to share experiences, news, photos, videos, internet links etc as well as to meet new people, play games, even make money according to some.
Facebook has a great mechanism of interacting with its members. It keeps your contacts listed and you can always see your friend's status, his/her news and not only that but you can interact with these things by adding comments, 'Like' signs etc. Personally I keep a facebook account and I must say that I stay close with some of the people I have met in my life through facebook. It also helps me stay in touch with my closer friends and even have fun through either wall-to-wall conversations or Games. In general, facebook appears to be what it claims to be- the leader of social networks.

Is that all? I think not. Everything in this life has a bright as well as a dark side. By being the leader of social networking, I am afraid that if not used properly (as an Internet site that should help you keep in touch) it promotes isolation, even through all this interaction. Yes, I am going to be another person stating that 'people become more isolated by the use of Internet Social Networks'. But isn't that true? Lets all calculate how much time we spend on Facebook. How many of us have Facebook as a home page on our browser? How many of us when they have nothing to do they log in to facebook? The results of these calculations will be discouraging I m afraid.
What I am trying to say is that by using facebook for communication we have been isolated in our home, in front of our computer and since by using Social networks to communicate is so easy, we do not bother go for a walk, meet people in the real world. All the commmunication we get is through facebook. It is even sadder when young children instead of meeting with their friends, play games, excercise, interact in the live world, their only wish (after school for example) is to log in to facebook to communicate.

To end up, Facebook has a lot of pros and cons. Communication, when achieved so easily and in such an enertaining way is cherishable. But in my opinion, the 'real' isolation that has come to be promoted with the false use of facebook is the largest factor to be taken into consideration.

P.S. I know some of you will ask me 'why you keep your account since you believe all the above regarding the false use of facebook'? It is true that deleting your facebook account is not easy. Social Networks and Facebook have become a great part of our life. So it is not easy to cancel your account because by doing so you are about to face a world with less communication. And the reason for this fear that everyone has is a subject that is not compatible with the purpose of this blog...

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