Sunday, June 19, 2011

Windows 8

You guys thought that Microsoft Windows 7 is the most recent operating software by Microsoft? Think again. Microsoft has announced the preparation of Windows 8, a new operating system based on the functionality of Windows 7. This new operating will be specially designed to work not only on Desktops and Laptops but on tablets and smartphones as well. In other words, Microsoft is about to create an operating environment that is about to have great consistency with every techological device you can think of.

Microsoft 8 is expected to be equiped with Microsoft Internet explorer 10 as well as the communication software 'Skype' since Microsoft has recently bought the rights to take advantage of this platform as well. It will promote both touch screen use as well as conventional mouse-keyboard use.

The main point of Windows 8 seems to be the fusion of Windows 7 with the functionality and cell phone availability on Windows Phone. All this in order to create a common suitable platform for all the technological gadgets used in everyday life. If this proves to be successfull, it will counter all software incompatibilities between devices and will certainly give new boost to the reputation of the company.

More for this new project of Microsoft are expected to be revealed on mid September.

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