Thursday, June 16, 2011

Firefox 5 Beta 7 Released!

Mozilla Foundation has announced the release of Firefox 5 Beta 7 version.

Mozilla in its attempt to create a more secure, friendly and stable Internet Browser has moved to the release of Beta version No 7 of Firefox. This Version has significant changes, mostly bug resolves and is now available for beta clients to download.

Firefox has been the most famous and mostly used web browser. part of it's success is that it combines safety and stability with user-friendly features. It is a browser which can be customized by anyone using tools, addons, graphics etc but also it is a browser that ensures that safety is a No1 priority. Part of Firefox success is that it continues to evolve, even by being the best browser (according to the majority of Computer users). Beta 7 Version is a prelude for Firefox 5 which is dated to be released officially on 21 of June. So, stay tuned...

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