Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO

Following Steve Job's quitting the position of the CEO in Apple (see here), the seat is now taken by Tim Cook.

Tim Cook taking the position of Apple's CEO is no surprise. In fact Tim Cook has been prearing for such duties from the time Steve Jobs' health problems appeared, back in 2001. Ever since, Tim Cook has been the former CEO's right hand and the man to step to his place everytime Jobs was undergoing some medical treatment.

Cook has been employed by Apple in 1998. Prior to this he was Vice president of the 'Compaq' firm, in the department of corporate materials. He has also served other companies in his career such as Inteligent electronics and IBM. He is a graduate of Auburn university in Industrial Engineering and has also earned an MBA in Duke University 5 years later. 

When he first joined Apple, he was Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations. There he was characterised as a strictly professional leader with innovative ideas which helped trully upgrade the problematic (at that time) supply chain system that the company used. People have named him as a very dry and business minded person with great organisational skills and a high level of commitment to his job. Even Jobs himself mentioned for Cook: 'Tim has been doing this job for over two years now, and its high time we recognized with this promotion'.

From all the above we can say that the man leading Apple to the future's innovations is a person that is higly appreciated by Apple personel and is very commited to whatever he is assigned. The position of the CEO will surely be a very challenging one for him but it is certain that he is suitably qualified for the job. Afterall, Steve Jobs was his teacher..

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