Friday, August 12, 2011

Goggle Chrome: the fastest web browser

Compuware has just released data regarding measurementsof browsing speed. The data were collected in experiementation with common websites on a broadband Internet connection and involved all the common browsers that exist. In the end of the survey, the results were counted up to 1.86 Billion measurements on more than 200 websites.

The winner of this contest was -well, you guessed correctly- Google Chrome.

Here are the results of this experiement:

The Blue bar indicates the loading time of the page and the green bar shows the perceived render time, meaning basically how much time it took for each browser to load all graphic visible content to appear on the browser. As we can see, Google Chrome 12 comes first in the page load race and second in perceived render time, just after Mozilla Firefox 5. 

As a Google Chrome user myself, I have to say that I am not surprised by this result since in my opinion Google Chrome is the fastest, easiest to use, most user friendly browser than all the other 4. Although Firefox surely comes close to Chrome (half a seconf for load time is not a great deal for a common Internet user), personally prefer and stay with Google's browser.

On the high end, the slowest browser according to this survey is Apple's Safari 5 (not the current version) and Internet Explorer 9 (not the current version as well). According to Compuware, more data from such surveys will be revealed in the future.

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