Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Technology, Ecology and Fashion fusing. Any success?

The latest years there is a noticeable fusing between Technological use in ecological matters and fashion. 

There have been noticed many attemps to combine the functionality and the 'look' of clothes and the power generating ability of the solar rays. The idea of ecology in clothes is a very nice one but (as always) some people got the (very) wrog meaning of this.

Here are some examples of clothes where photovoltaic systems have been implemented:

solar powered bikini

At first a hat with the photovoltaic panels on the top. It actually produces energy to run a fan for an extra wave of air. Obviously something that you would not wear outside.. (Really, would you...?)
Also, a t-shirt equiped with panels is quite understandable. But, the swimm suit equiped with photovoltaic system is not just too much? Fine, I also get irritated when I am on the beach and I forgot to charge a gadget but still, isn't it too much? 
To end up, who would wear a a coat on a sunny day?????

Well, I agree that ecology is an essential matter nowadays. But don't you think some people overdid it?

On a more serious approach to the issue, ecological clothes are about to be implemented by many companies that produce clothes. Already, H&M trademark has created the first 'green' clothes. They do not posses some kind of photovoltaic system but they are made from ecological fabric, easily dispensible and environmental friendly.

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