Monday, July 11, 2011

Windows 7 Phone 'Mango' : Android and iOS killer??

Microsoft's updated Windows 7 Phone with the code name 'Mango' have been announced last May. Since then, beta users were able to test the operating system and express their opinion. This is what they have come up with:

Mango is not a new operating system for smartphones, it is an upgrade to the former Microsoft's system. It will be released officialy in Autumn 2011 and it will be free of charge for Windows 7 Phone users.

The main feature that has been greatly improved on Mango is multitasking. A user will be able to switch through different applications really quickly just by pressing a single button. The processing of the applicatios has been a lot faster in a more stable environment.

Also, another main feature for Windows Mango is the new Internet Explorer 9 for smartphones. Well, we all feel that IE has been a little old fashioned and overpassed but truth is that according to tests, Internet explorer 9 on smartphones looks quite fast and reliable.


Another aspect in which Microsoft plans on making a difference compared to iOS and Android is the applications functionality and the way they operate in your phone. According to Microsoft, applications on your phone have been very static. They operate on their own and have no interaction with other phone systems in order to be more user-friendly. Think for example an application that deals with music, an Mp3 player. On the upgraded version of Windows (Mango) when typing the name of a song, this name will also be searched on the Internet through Bing's search Engine. As a result, the user will be able to collect information regarding the song, the band, the year of release, reviews etc.
Other 'superior' Apps are also included. Such applications help the user create e-mail contact groups, pin specific mail folders on the main screen so that the user is always connected to their e-mail account, GPS and navigation applications, smart browsing and link RSS feeds to their main screen.

In the end, according to the tests, Windows 7 phone 'Mango' has really been a quite nice ugrade to Microsoft's phone software. Microsoft engineers have surely pinpointed some of the problems of the older version (such as multitasking) and have made quite good work dealing with them. Cleraly Microsoft has taken a promising step to catch up with the popularity that Android and iOS have received.
Of course, the main test for Windows Mango will be in Autumn when it is planned to be released for all Microsoft 7 Phone users. Will Mango be a challenging rival for its competitors? Rumors tend to give a positive answer to this question...

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