Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iPad vs. Android: 24-1 ??

The score makes the game look really (really really) unbalanced, something that obviously is not true for our case. But, according to TheNextWeb Apple's iPad has outnumbered the number of sales of all Android tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom by a ratio of 24:1!

So, is Android tablet market all that bad? Or perhaps the public opinion is turned in favor of Apple?

Android tablets are not that bad, actually. Examples such as the forspoken Motorola Xoom are quite competitive against an iPad. Also, iPad tablets are quite cheaper than Apple tablets, a factor that cannot indicate public opinion favoring (in such a large ratio) Apple. The truth is osmewhere in the middle as a wise man (myself :D) said.
And the truth is this: Android software has appeared on the frontstage of the technological world only some years ago. On the other hand, Apple, much older than Android, has created a formidable brand name 'forcing' customers to trust an iPad against an Android tablet, despite the lower price and the tie in technical characteristics.

Is marketing application and brand name equity all that effective in public choice? Apparently...


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  3. Of course, it's all about the positing of Apple in its consumers' mind. They think that the price is an indicator of quality... Apple wants to be a "luxurious" upper-class- technology brand...

  4. Again, That's positioning my dear...Ti douleia kanoume..( auto den metafrazetai... :) )

  5. Well, the 'luxurious'upper class brand theory looks valid (data veryfies it). It is just fascinating, a 24:1 ratio I mean...

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