Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Higgis Boson Particle: One Step Closer

Scientists at the CERN facilities have revealed their progress in a press conference regarding the search for the notorious Higgis boson.

Scientists working at the CERN collider on the France-Switzerland border have revealed their progress last Friday presenting some very interesting findings. According to their statements, after constant experiementing with various scientific instruments, a bizarre collision of particles has been noticed, something that usually signs a discovery. This discovery could refer to the revelation of Higgis particle as well.

Scientists remain calm since this enthusiasm could not be fundamentally correct since many factors from instrument malfunction to calculation errors could produce such results. In any case, if these calculations prove correct and a discovery is about to take place, the sure thing is that the whole world will watch even closer the CERN project and its result since these results could alter the way we perceive everything in our world and beyond.

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