Monday, July 25, 2011

Broadband Penetration Trends

Internet Connection in the years passed has turned from a luxury trend to a necessity. It is very common now for a house to have an Internet access through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Technology has undergone major breakthroughs, making the Internet access from slow and just 'tolerable' in the early 2000 with the PSTN lines to relaxing and enjoyable nowadays.

Data below have been updated on june 2011 and appear o be very interesting regarding the present condition of Internet accessibility.

According to data, every year there is a significant increase in the use of the Internet. As the table shows, all OECD countries have observed an increase in DSL usage.

The data collected by OECD show that there is constant increase in the use of Broadband connections. Only for the year 2009-2010 France, the leading country with the highest increase rate has a 3,15 per 100 person increased DSL use. This means that if in 2008-2009 there where 100 pleople with newly established DSL lines, in 2009-2010 there were 103,15 (well, you get the point, in 10.000 people > 10.315 increased in 2010)

Households with broadband access, 2010,

As we can see, Korea is the champion of 2009 in households with broadband access in 2009, with Iceland and Sweden following. It is remarkable that the U.S. ends up 12th in the rally of DSL connections.

Fixed broadband penetration and density, June 2010,

Overall, Netherlands appears to have the most avtive DSL connections with 37,8 Broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants. This means that one out of three Holland inhabitants posseses a registered DSL line.

From the above we can surely tell that broadband increase figures show an increase in Internet use, making access to the Web a necessity for almost everyone. in addition, these figures show no sign of a possible decrease, marking a path of constant increase in the usage of Internet and its tools in our everyday life.

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